Our Story

After visiting several other small farm wineries in Southern Indian and Northern Kentucky; and after producing a few pretty good wines from small wine kits; let's just say we were hooked,
​ and our journey began.  
One day, Steve looked at me and said, “We should build our own winery!”  At first, I wasn’t very happy with the idea of retiring only to continue working, but after all, we need something to do.  And so, Quibble Hill Winery began.  In early 2013 we cleared a corner of our property that used to be an old duck pond and mostly scrub trees, and we now have a two story log cabin style winery.  Bottom floor is the fermentation and production area, and the top floor is our tasting room.  We planted 60 vines three years ago and planted another 100 in the spring of 2014.  We really enjoy having people out to sample our wines, and to relax on the front porch overlooking the vineyard.  

Thank You Dad, for your advice.  I think you would be proud!